Knowing Your Truth!

How do we get to know our truth?

The word Truth is defined as: the quality or state of being true.  To be true means: to be in accordance with fact or reality.  True also means accurate or exact.  So, to know your truth means that you know your reality and what is accurate to you.

This means that for an individual the truth they know to be their own is different from what others know as their truth.

Regarding my truth, I went in a full circle and have come back to where I began.  At a young age, I knew that food and photography were two career paths that interested me greatly.  I learned back then that people may not understand or appreciate what is true to you.  It is necessary that we stand firm and pursue the things that are important to us.

That is what it means to know your truth.  It means grabbing onto things that are real to us, things that we KNOW to be our destiny and purpose.


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